Our mission is to enhance the integral education of children and families through music instruction

Our Mission

Musicall was started in 2007 to help provide children and families in Miami-Dade county with access to music training- regardless of income, age, medical condition, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other limitations. Musicall programs serve a majority of students from low income households and our programs are located in underserved neighborhoods.

The work of Musicall is inspired by the understanding of how powerful the basic knowledge of music can be on the life of a child through regular lessons. Children dramatically improve socially and in their academic performance, including increased comprehension in mathematics and language. Musicall is continuing to expand as the need for programming is growing.

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What We Do

The performances, recitals, and workshops put on by Musicall provides fullfilling experiences for students and helps connect local communities with the importance of music education. Our goal is to maintain our standard of instruction at the highest level while providing a friendly, fun and nurturing environment for the whole family.

How We Help

We support children with disabilities, emphasizing participation, understanding and accommodating differences. This includes using facilities and areas that are accessible and easy to use by all children.

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