Conductor: Mr. Besnik Hashani
VIOLIN: G-Major scale in two octaves.
Prepared piece Suzuki book1 from Bach Minuet1 on,
VIOLA: C major in 2 octaves
Prepared piece Suzuki book 1 from Bach Minuet 1 on
CELLO: C major scale in 2 octaves
Suzuki from Bach Minuets on
BASS: D- Major scale 1 octave
Any Suzuki Book 1 song from no 2 on.


Conductor: Mr. Orlando Forte
VIOLIN: G- major, D major, Bb- major scales in two octaves
Prepared piece Suzuki book 2
VIOLA: C-major, D-Major, Eb major scales in two octaves, Suzuki book 2
CELLO: C-major, D- major and Eb major scale in 2 octaves. Suzuki book 2.


Conductor: Maestro Jose Antonio Bornot
VIOLIN: Scales: G major, A major, C major and D major in three octaves
A prepared piece from Suzuki Book 4 or higher
VIOLA: Scales: C major, D major, F major, G major 3 octaves.
Prepared piece Suzuki Book 4 or higher.
CELLO- same as Viola
BASS- any one octave scale, two octave scales F major, E major, G major. Prepared piece
Suzuki Book 4 or higher.

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