Musicall Corporate Sponsorship Program

Corporate Sponsorship is an essential support that every community organization should receive. This support, coupled with the hard work of our many volunteers, will allow Musicall to establish itself as the premier organization committed to Music Education in our area.

Sponsoring Musicall

The goal of Musicall is to educate our community on the basis that music instruction is an essential part of the integral education of all children. To teach music to children, from any cultural heritage or economic status with the purpose of organized ensembles and orchestras, encouraging self-esteem and motivation for self-improvement, forming a healthy attitude toward society. To promote better educational opportunities that children with musical background will have for further education in magnet schools, colleges, and universities.

Musicall’s participation fees are set at a very affordable level to enable widespread participation across our community. To meet the high demand for Musicall’s educational services, we have established a long-term, sustainable funding model to encourage investment in the Music Education area.

We have designed a comprehensive and multi-tiered Corporate Sponsorship Program, which provides substantial benefits* at every level. We invite you and your organization to explore this exciting program.

To learn more about benefits offered and the various levels of sponsorship, please see the chart below.

If you are interested in becoming a Musicall Corporate Sponsor or learning more about Musicall in general, please contact: Taimy Balbuzano at

To learn more about benefits offered and the various levels of sponsorship, please see the chart below.

In-Kind Sponsorship

Musicall is a young, community-oriented organization. As such, in-kind services are greatly appreciated, as they help cover operational costs that can then be used to support our programs.

The following services may be of use to Musicall:

Creative/Agency Functions

  • Design/creative services
  • Writing services
  • Printing services

Public Relations/Advertising

  • Public relations services/press releases
  • Advertising space in print or online
  • Copyrighting

Publisher Services

  • Email blasts
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Textbook discounts for Participants


  • Meeting space (e.g, for one-off meetings of the Board of Directors)

If you would like to offer in-kind support to Musicall, please email or call: (786) 220-0847