Ana Beatriz Ojito Boza

Vocal and Bass Instructor

Born and raised in Cuba, she starts musical studies at the age of 6, receiving piano and music theory lessons. Later, she enters the Art School in the specialty of Double bass, where she participated and won various school competitions and local festivals. From an early age, she started to collaborate with local chamber and symphonic orchestras. She develops as an instrumentalist in different musical formats, acting under the direction of important figures of the Cuban music scene. She participated in several events, festivals and recordings.

Accredited as a soloist and double bass teacher, she began her professional career as a teacher in Arts Schools in Cuba. At the same time, she started higher studies at the Arts University in Havana Cuba. At this stage, she began her journey in popular music while she started to be part of different bands as a bassist and vocalist. She made numerous national and international tours, playing in countries such as Canada, Venezuela, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

After she graduated, and with a vast career in different genres and styles, she founded the Cuban band Dimension Cubana, as a co-manager. After 2 years of successful work in Havana and South Korea, she moved to The United States, where she has made several collaborations with artists around the world. She participated in the virtual ACT Music Festival, where she starred in a show playing and singing her music.

In addition, she is currently developing as a vocal instructor and Bass Instructor at Musicall.