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Musicall, a non-profit organization founded in 2013, is a Miami-based musical powerhouse.

Musicall is a nonprofit organization founded and incorporated in 2013 with a belief in the transformative power of music education. The idea of Musicall was sparked in 2007 when its founders saw firsthand how regular music classes positively impacted children’s social, academic, and individual development. Starting with just 40 families in Westchester, Musicall began by offering programs such as Family Music for parents and toddlers, Four Hands for preschoolers, Music and Movement for children with special needs, and Prep Classes for older children to create ensembles and orchestras.


Fundadores de Musicall: Juán Carlos González, Director Ejecutivo, y Taimy Balbuzano, Director artítico.

Since then, Musicall has expanded rapidly, offering its programs in multiple locations across Miami-Dade County. In 2014, Musicall expanded to Hialeah and West Flagler, reaching over a hundred children with the program for children with special needs and prep classes. The following year, Musicall opened its Orchestra Program and hosted its first Growing Musicall Lives event, offering free workshops and music performances to showcase the importance of music education. Musicall also launched its first Summer Camp, providing children with or without any previous musical exposure with a fun and enriching experience. In addition, Musicall established enrichment programs at two Miami-Dade County public schools and opened a new site at South Miami Middle School, serving 150 children.


In 2016, Musicall held the second edition of Growing Musicall Lives, collaborating with the FIU School of Music, Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, and the Florida Guitar Foundation. Its second Summer Camp at South Miami Middle School reached 207 campers and received funding from Summer Arts & Science Camps for Kids Grant, enabling 21 children to receive full scholarships. Musicall also introduced its Youth Symphony program, providing advanced musical training to high school students and mentoring younger participants.

Musicall continued to expand its reach and impact in 2017 by opening its first complete afterschool program at Frances S. Tucker Elementary School, thanks to the support of Commissioners Xavier L. Suarez and Ken Russell. Musicall also partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Miami, Kendall Campus, to offer its regular programs and strengthen its community approach.


In 2018, Musicall was awarded a grant from the Children’s Trust, which enabled it to fund three new sites at Frances S. Tucker Elementary in West Coconut Grove, Palm Glades Prep in Princeton, and Miami Jackson Highschool in Allapattah. These sites offered academic support, literacy, social-emotional learning, music, and physical activity.

Over the years, Musicall has achieved many notable milestones and awards, including becoming the only community organization in our city that allows all students to participate in state competitions such as Solo & Ensemble, Allstate, and Music Performance Assessment. Musicall has impacted countless lives through its programs, with success stories and testimonials attesting to the transformational power of music education.


Musicall has also faced challenges and had to adapt to changing circumstances, such as switching to virtual classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, Musicall continued to make an impact, hosting a successful hybrid summer camp and a virtual concert watched live by over 800 viewers simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube.

Starting in 2020, Musicall has centralized all its programs at the Kendall location, except the Miami Jackson High School program. We offer a diverse range of programs emphasizing music education as a fundamental aspect of children’s comprehensive learning. Notably, in the summer of 2022, our Youth Orchestra proudly participated in The Giovanelli Youth Orchestras Festival held in Florence, Italy. Furthermore, the same orchestra was invited and accepted into the highly esteemed Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Competition to be held in Vienna, Austria, during the summer of 2023. In addition, Musicall recently premiered “Dream of Me” a captivating documentary that showcases the organization’s expansion and notable achievements, in October 2022.


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