Artistic Director

Artistic Director

Taimy Balbuzano is a passionate musician and educator with a rich background in musical performance, education, and community engagement. Her journey in music took a significant leap forward during her tenure in Vienna, where she had the esteemed honor of leading the Musicall Youth Orchestra to a first-place victory at the Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Competition. This remarkable achievement marked a pivotal milestone in her career and deepened her commitment to the art of orchestral conduction.

In 2013, alongside her husband, Taimy co-founded Musicall, a non-profit organization based in Miami, FL. Musicall’s mission has been making music education accessible and enriching for the community, especially through after-school and community programs. Under her leadership, Musicall has flourished, gaining recognition for its impact on cultural enrichment. The organization’s dedication and effectiveness have been acknowledged through grants from prestigious bodies, including Miami-Dade County, The Children’s Trust, and Tallahassee Cultural Affairs.

Taimy’s formal education in music commenced at the National School of Music in Havana, Cuba, where she pursued studies in Piano and Choir Conducting. This foundational education laid a robust groundwork for her musical expression and conducting abilities. As she approaches the completion of her Master’s Degree in the United States, Taimy is keenly aware of the invaluable learning and growth opportunities that further education would provide. Her experiences, ranging from international competition successes to impactful community service through music, underscore her readiness and eagerness to embark on this next phase of her professional development.

A testament to her leadership and conducting prowess was further demonstrated in 2022 when the Musicall Youth Orchestra participated under her direction in the Festival Orchestre Giovanili in Florence, Italy. The orchestra’s successful performances at this prestigious festival highlighted the young musicians’ talents and Taimy’s effectiveness as a conductor and mentor. This experience added another layer to her already impressive career, showcasing her ability to inspire and lead her orchestra on international stages.

Throughout her career, Taimy has demonstrated exceptional skill in piano, choir, and orchestra conducting, coupled with a profound ability to lead and inspire her students and peers. Her leadership is characterized by a collaborative spirit and a commitment to excellence in musical education. Fluent in multiple languages, Taimy’s communication skills have been pivotal in her diverse roles, enabling her to connect with a wide range of individuals within the musical community.

As Taimy Balbuzano looks toward the future, she is excited about furthering her studies and continuing to contribute to the world of music with her talent, dedication, and vision.