Musicall, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that provides music education to all children in Miami, Florida. There is no level of income, age, medical condition, gender identity or sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity limitations for your child to participate in Musicall Program.

Founded and Incorporated in 2013 as a nonprofit organization, the idea of Musicall started back in 2007, when we understood how powerfully the basic knowledge of music changes the life of a child through regular music lessons. Children dramatically improved socially and in subjects such as Mathematics and Language once they receive music instruction. With this belief, Musicall has continually expanded and grown in the past years. 

2013- We were in Westchester, serving around 40 families, with classes such as Family Music designed for parents and their toddlers to take together, Four Hands, a Piano Beginning program for preschoolers and their parents. Music and Movement, a family-centered music class for children with special needs, and Prep Classes for children six and older to receive instruction on various instruments to create ensembles and orchestras. 

In 2014 we expanded to Hialeah with our program for children with special needs and West Flagler with the prep class program reaching more than a hundred children. 

2015 Orchestra Program opened. 1st Growing Musicall Lives, a free annual event for the community offering workshops and music performances to show the importance of music education. 1st Musicall Summer Camp for children with or without any previous musical exposure. New sites: South Miami Middle School, serving 150 children, three string orchestras by levels, and prep classes. Enrichment Programs at 2 Miami Dade County Public Schools.

2016- Second edition of our Growing Musicall Lives, funded by the Miami Dade Department of Cultural Affairs. On this occasion, we collaborated with the School of Music of FIU, Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, and Florida Guitar Foundation. Second Summer Camp at South Miami Middle School with 207 campers, receiving for the first time funds from Summer Arts & Science Camps for Kids Grant (SAS-C); consequently, 21 children received full scholarships. 

2016- Community program at South Miami Middle School with Orchestra Programs and a new Prep Classes vision. We start to prepare students from very early ages on music theory and piano until they are ready to begin training on another musical instrument. The new site at South Miami Community Center held our Children Chorus, two Music Theory/Piano classes, and Instrumental Technique Classes. Additionally, Musicall continued managing three Afterschool Enrichment Programs throughout the city.
The Advanced Youth Symphony program was introduced to provide advanced musical training to high school students (grades 9 to 12). Symphony members also serve as mentors for younger participants.

In August 2017, we opened our first complete Afterschool program at Frances S. Tucker Elementary School with Commissioners Xavier L. Suarez and Ken Russell’s support with excellent results. Boys and Girls Club of Miami, Kendal Campus was the host of our regular programs; this partnership exposed, even more, our robust community approach among families.

In January 2018, we applied and were the Children’s Trust grant recipients for Afterschool Programs and Summer Camps. This opportunity funded three new sites; at Frances S. Tucker Elementary at West Coconut Grove, a Middle School program at Palm Glades Prep in Princeton, and Miami Jackson Highschool in Allapattah, where children receive academic support, literacy, social-emotional learning, music, and physical activity. 

2018- Riverside Baptist Church agreed to be our headquarters for our community programs for the next five years. Adding stability and consistency to our Summer and School Year seasons gives more sense to our mission of promoting Music Instruction as an essential part of all children’s integral education.

Summer of 2019, we hosted three Summer Camps for the community receiving displaced children from Venezuela and Central America, reaching almost 300 children altogether. In Fall 2019, we collaborated with FUNDarte at Miami Dade County Auditorium, presenting the Advanced Symphony in a striking production free for the community.

2020- Switch to virtual classes during the pandemic. Spring Virtual Concert “Viva la Música” was watched live by more than 800 viewers simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. Successful hybrid (Virtual and in-person) Summer Camp. Currently, all our Programs are consolidated at Musicall Kendall Location due to Covid-19.