Musicall Conservatory has conveniently created a combination of music classes to strengthen the children’s musical knowledge and to guarantee their progress in their ability to read the music and to play their instruments.

Musicall Conservatory has thoughtfully designed a comprehensive combination of music classes aimed at enhancing children’s musical knowledge and ensuring their progress in reading music and playing their instruments. Class tuition is based on music lessons received during the School Year or by Semester, not the monthly number of classes. 

Musicall Spring Season 2024 Registration Form

Musicall offers the option to arrange up to 4 installments throughout the year (No Registration Fee)

  • Application for Scholarship is available at the end of the Registration Form. 

  • School Year Tuition $1,400

  • Tuition includes Piano Lab/Music Theory Class

  • Vivace and Intermezzo Orchestras Tuition Include Instrumental Technique and Music Theory Classes.

  • Additional Classes are available for an additional $600 fee per Full School Year.

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